Minisymposium: MS5G - Hybrid Energy Systems: Adaptive Computing to Harmonize Energy Generation and Demand for Communities across Spatio-Temporal Scales
Event TypeMinisymposium
Computer Science, Machine Learning, and Applied Mathematics 

TimeWednesday, June 2811:00 - 13:00 CEST
LocationSanada I
DescriptionData-driven computational approaches that bring computing and storage nearer to the requests, and especially operating on instant real-time sensor data, have contributed immensely to our state of knowledge of the impacts of climate change on our built environment and human systems. The holistic understanding of these issues demand a cross-disciplinary approach that is rigorous, based on data, and embedded in the domain. This mini symposium focuses on bringing together experts and researchers in edge-computing with knowledge of the driving issues for a discussion on the existing challenges and advances needed in driving edge-computing deployments towards well understood goals of sustainability, resilience, and decarbonization. The international panel of invited speakers will cover a wide range of topics, from a deeply data and computational perspective about IoT, streaming data, and real-time analytics, to traceability of the data sources for deep decarbonization and their impact on policy-energy-economics. Issues of data scarcity and of inequity in the Global South will be discussed. We expect to round off the discussion with a forward-looking view of integrated communities of the future as highly controllable entities in which the built environment - buildings, vehicles, energy generation, and the grid, collectively maximize the user’s wellbeing.