P46 - Parallel Second Order Conservative Remapping on the Sphere
DescriptionWe present an MPI-parallel implementation and analysis of a conservative second-order interpolation method between arbitrary very high resolution spherical meshes supported by the Atlas library of ECMWF. Hence, meshes are those used by ECMWF’s IFS model: structured grids such as the reduced Gaussian grids of IFS, quasi-structured grids such as ORCA of NEMO, or fully unstructured grids of FESOM2. This work is largely based on Kritsikis et al (2017) and is here extended to allow staggered data. Additionally, we have used a different approach for typical ingredients of remapping process: that of spherical polygon intersections and that of fast search of potential intersectors. For these two we rely on available tools in the numerical library for weather simulations – Atlas. A conventional conservative remapping assumes remapping values within cell centres of a source mesh to cell centres of a target mesh. We have extended the usage of our conservative remapping, by constructing sub-polygons, and allow remapping data either from cell-centres or from cell-vertices of a source mesh to either cell-centres or cell-vertices of target mesh.
TimeTuesday, June 2719:30 - 21:30 CEST
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