P27 - GPU-Accelerated Modelling of Greenhouse Gases and Air Pollutants in ICON with OpenACC
DescriptionReleasing excess greenhouse gases into the atmosphere is the major cause of its natural composition alternation and climate change. Computational modelling of the atmospheric chemistry and transport processes has played a vital role in enhancing our understanding of such complex phenomena and helped develop major policy guidelines. Advanced high performance computing systems with heterogeneous architectures, that utilise "accelerators" such as Graphical Processing Units (GPUs), have provided the opportunity to develop scale-resolving high-resolution numerical weather prediction frameworks with complex atmospheric chemistry, physics and transport models. Compiler directives of OpenACC provide a relatively fast and high-level coding approach for such heterogeneous computing. In the present work, OpenACC is used to accelerate the "Online Emission Module (OEM)" of the FORTRAN-based atmospheric chemistry and transport model ICON-ART. The module reads in a small number of emission fields and handles essential processing steps during the simulation. The GPU-accelerated OEM code is tested based on cases of methane distribution over Europe. The newly developed code exhibits a noticeable speed-up, comparable with that of the baseline ICON GPU code. The GPU-accelerated OEM will be used to perform ICON-ART simulations coupled with the Carbon Tracker Data Assimilation Shell (CTDAS) at a higher spatial resolution than is currently possible.
TimeTuesday, June 2719:30 - 21:30 CEST
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