Developing Research Software Skills Pathways to Support the Future of High Performance and Exascale Computing
DescriptionWith research becoming ever more computational in nature, there is a rapidly growing need for specialist technical skills in High Performance Computing (HPC) and, increasingly, exascale technologies. Traditionally, HPC skills have been the preserve of a small group of highly computational scientific fields. The approaches developed to upskill successive generations of experts in these areas have often relied on peer learning, community knowledge sharing and on-the-job experience. To service both the growth in demand for these skills and the opportunities for their use in new research domains, we need a clearer understanding of learning pathways to transition from basic to advanced technical research software knowledge. These pathways also need to support practitioners with backgrounds in various research fields who can combine their domain knowledge with advanced technical skills to enable new and exciting approaches to research. In this talk I will look at the challenges of developing learning pathways and the gap between the wide availability of basic skills training and the relative lack of materials covering specialist topics. I will also highlight work being undertaken in the UNIVERSE-HPC project to better understand community requirements, identify existing materials and develop pathways and curricula to support HPC and exascale training.
TimeMonday, June 2618:00 - 18:30 CEST
LocationSanada II
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Applied Social Sciences and Humanities