Technology to the Rescue! How HPC Industries Can Help Accelerate Time-To-Science
DescriptionThe role of simulations and computing infrastructure is critical for the success of Fusion programme like EUROFusion or ITER. Domain scientists have been pushing the boundaries of what it is possible in theory and experiments but, for complex scenarios and expensive machinery, simulations are an essential tool that are often in critical path of key engineering and scientific decisions. In this panel/firechat representatives of major Technology Providers will engage in a constructive discussion about how the latest innovations in hardware and software can be leveraged to accelerate time-to-science in Fusion research, sparklingly a debate on ‘why’ and ‘how’ different strategies are pursued as well as guide the audience through possible similarities and synergies across those. The panel aims to capture the interest of Research Software Engineers, Computational Scientists, and Decision Makers in the EUROFusion community. The audience is welcome to propose topics of conversation and ask questions (including controversial ones). -- Panellists: Filippo Spiga, Developer Relations (NVIDIA); Samuel Antão, Senior Member Of Technical Staff (AMD); Giacomo Rossi, Application Software Engineer (Intel). Moderator: Gilles Fourestey (EPFL).
TimeTuesday, June 2712:30 - 13:00 CEST
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