Minisymposium: MS2F - Exascale Plasma Simulations, Methods and Technologies for Fusion, Plasma Accelerator and Space Physics Research (Part 2/2)
Event TypeMinisymposium
TimeMonday, June 2616:30 - 18:30 CEST
DescriptionPlasmas constitute paradigmatic examples of complex physical systems, involving nonlinear, multiscale processes far from thermodynamic equilibrium. HPC and virtual prototyping play an increasingly crucial role in explaining and predicting observations as well as in designing more effective plasma systems and manufacturing processes. This provides novel pathways to reducing the risks, costs, and time often associated with the design and construction of new devices and large experimental facilities. The present mini-symposium brings together scientists, researchers, and practitioners from plasma physics, applied mathematics, and computer science (incl. HPC, computational science, software engineering, and data analytics) to discuss computational tools and methodologies needed to tackle critical grand challenges in plasma physics: optimising magnetic confinement fusion devices, developing new accelerator technologies, and predicting space weather. Meanwhile, the tools and techniques devised in these contexts are applicable to a much wider range of problems involving natural and laboratory plasmas and fluids.