Minisymposium: MS6A - Technical Challenges and Opportunities for Digital Twins of the Earth System (Part 3/3)
Event TypeMinisymposium
Climate, Weather and Earth Sciences
TimeWednesday, June 2814:00 - 16:00 CEST
DescriptionDigital Twins of Earth encapsulate both the latest science and technology advances to provide near-real time information on extremes and climate change adaptation in a wider digital environment, where users can interact, modify and ultimately create their own tailored information. Recent work has demonstrated that global, coupled storm-resolving (or km-scale) simulations are feasible and can contribute to building such information systems. Advances in Earth system modelling, supercomputing, and the ongoing adaptation of weather and climate codes for accelerators are all crucial building blocks in enabling such endeavours. Going from high-resolution simulations to fully-featured Digital Twins requires new workflows and technical solutions to manage computational and data scales and offer the envisaged user-experience. This multi-part minisymposium aims to discuss the technical challenges of such endeavours, spanning from HPC adaptation and the use of new programming paradigms for effective utilization of modern accelerator architectures, to data handling, visualization and workflows.