Axel Huebl is a computational laser-plasma physicist working on Exascale simulations. As a scientist at Berkeley Lab, he leads the software architecture of the Beam, Plasma & Accelerator Simulation Toolkit (BLAST). He co-first-authored the paper winning the 2022 ACM Gordon Bell Prize, running the BLAST code WarpX on the first reported Exascale machine: Frontier.

In 2019, he completed his PhD with highest distinction at TU Dresden (Germany) and received awards for his pioneering work on PIConGPU (Gordon Bell Finalist @ SC13; ACM/IEEE George Michael Memorial Fellowship @ SC16; FoMICS PhD prize @ PASC17; IEEE-NPSS PAST award 2022). He is a vivid advocate for open science and founded the open particlemesh data project (openPMD) for self-describing, scalable I/O and data science.