P07 - Addressing Exascale Challenges for Numerical Algorithms of Strongly Correlated Lattice Models
DescriptionStrongly Correlated Lattice Models play an important role for our understanding of Quantum Magnetism, High-Tc superconductors, and also Quantum Simulators built from cold atoms, trapped ions, Rydberg atoms, or superconducting qubits. Wave function based numerical algorithms, such as Exact Diagonalization or Tensor Network Algorithms are powerful state-of-the-art techniques in this field. Past efforts brought Shared Memory parallelisation for both methods, and also large scale MPI parallelisation for the former, to impressive levels. However the current trend towards more GPU based architectures and additional architectural inhomogeneity in the HPC landscape ask for renewed parallelisation efforts. In this poster we present the current state of the art in parallelisation, and discuss strategies and first results in porting some of these algorithms to the GPU and multi-GPU domain.
TimeMonday, June 2611:20 - 11:50 CEST
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