P49 - Simulating Aquaplanet Using ICON with a GT4Py DSL Dynamical Core
DescriptionWe present the results of our efforts porting the dynamical core of the ICON climate and numerical weather prediction (NWP) model to GT4Py. GT4Py is a Domain Specific Language (DSL) designed for weather and climate applications, which allows domain scientists to write performance portable climate and weather code within a high level Python-based frontend. Porting code to GT4Py greatly improves readability as compared to equivalent GPU-accelerated codes written in Fortran + OpenACC. Additionally the DSL allows for a separation of concerns between the domain scientists, software engineers and optimization experts. The fine grained and automatic integration of the DSL generated code back into the Fortran ICON code enables us to compare the original Fortran code to the DSL generated code by running both versions. We call this the verification mode of the integration. On the other hand, in the substitution mode, only the DSL generated version of the code is executed. After a thorough verification process of the model porting, we present results from the Aquaplanet idealized experiment on a global icosahedral grid of resolution ~80km. We also compare the performance of ICON with GT4Py dycore with the standard ICON-NWP model running on GPUs.
TimeTuesday, June 2710:21 - 10:22 CEST
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