AK03 - FourCastNet: Accelerating Global High-Resolution Weather Forecasting Using Adaptive Fourier Neural Operators
DescriptionExtreme weather amplified by climate change is causing increasingly devastating impacts across the globe. The current use of physics-based numerical weather prediction (NWP) limits accuracy due to high computational cost and strict time-to-solution limits. We report that a data-driven deep learning Earth system emulator, FourCastNet, can predict global weather and generate medium-range forecasts five orders-of-magnitude faster than NWP while approaching state-of-the-art accuracy. FourCastNet is optimized and scales efficiently on three supercomputing systems: Selene, Perlmutter, and JUWELS Booster up to 3,808 NVIDIA A100 GPUs, attaining 140.8 Petaflops in mixed precision (11.9% of peak at that scale). The time-to-solution for training FourCastNet measured on JUWELS Booster on 3,072GPUs is 67.4minutes, resulting in an 80,000 times faster time-to-solution relative to state-of-the-art NWP, in inference. FourCastNet produces accurate instantaneous weather predictions for a week in advance and enables enormous ensembles that could be used to improve predictions of rare weather extremes.
TimeWednesday, June 2810:00 - 10:30 CEST
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