Hardware-Agnostic Interactive Exascale In Situ Visualization of Particle-In-Cell Simulations
DescriptionThe volume of data generated by exascale simulations requires scalable tools for analysis and visualization. Due to the relatively low I/O bandwidth of modern HPC systems, it is crucial to work as close as possible with simulated data via in situ approaches. In situ visualization provides insights into simulation data and, with the help of additional interactive analysis tools, can support the scientific discovery process at an early stage. Such in situ visualization tools need to be hardware-independent given the ever-increasing hardware diversity of modern supercomputers. We present a new in situ 3D vector field visualization algorithm for particle-in-cell (PIC) simulations and performance evaluation of the solution developed at large-scale. We create a solution in a hardware-agnostic approach to support high throughput and interactive in situ processing on leadership class computing systems. To that end, we demonstrate performance portability on Summit’s and the Frontier’s pre-exascale testbed at the Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility.
TimeTuesday, June 2714:30 - 15:00 CEST
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Computer Science, Machine Learning, and Applied Mathematics