Building the A Team: Organizing Effective RSE Teams for Your Project
DescriptionIncreasingly, scientific discoveries enabled by high-performance computing are becoming more interdisciplinary and complex, requiring a highly skilled team with diverse backgrounds. This talk discusses the importance of building such teams with a clear understanding of project goals and regular communication. It will also discuss our experience building teams from the ground up and improving the performance of existing ones. It will also look at different leadership styles that can be used to manage diverse teams effectively and the importance of cultivating a positive team culture and creating an environment that encourages innovation and growth. The talk will also discuss helpful tools like IDEAS productivity projects’ Productivity and Sustainability Improvement Planning (PSIP), Code Analysis Tools (CATS) SDK, and PTC-catalog, which make it easier for RSE teams to set up communication, metrics, workflows, and sustainable software development practices, as well as organize meaningful discussions with stakeholders and amongst the team members. The talk will emphasize the importance of RSE teams having well-thought-out training plans that help them keep up with the latest developments and continuous learning. Lastly, the talk will encourage diversity and inclusion so that individuals with different backgrounds and experiences can help solve critical problems and develop novel ideas.
TimeMonday, June 2617:30 - 18:00 CEST
LocationSanada II
Event Type
Applied Social Sciences and Humanities