WarpPINN: Cine-MR Image Registration with Physics-Informed Neural Networks
DescriptionHeart failure is typically diagnosed with a global function assessment, such as ejection fraction. However, these metrics have low discriminate power, failing to distinguish different types of this disease. Quantifying local deformations in the form of cardiac strain can provide helpful information, but it remains a challenge. In this work, we introduce WarpPINN, a physics-informed neural network to perform image registration to obtain local metrics of the heart deformation. We apply this method to cine magnetic resonance images to estimate the motion during the cardiac cycle. We inform our neural network of near-incompressibility of cardiac tissue by penalizing the jacobian of the deformation field. The loss function has two components: an intensity-based similarity term between the reference and the warped template images, and a regularizer that represents the hyperelastic behavior of the tissue. The architecture of the neural network allows us to easily compute the strain via automatic differentiation to assess cardiac activity. We test our algorithm on a synthetic example and on a cine-MRI benchmark of 15 healthy volunteers. We outperform current methodologies both landmark tracking and strain estimation. We expect that WarpPINN will enable more precise diagnostics of heart failure based on local deformation information.
TimeTuesday, June 2716:30 - 17:00 CEST
LocationSanada I
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Life Sciences