Development of the On-Demand Extreme Digital Twin Workflow
DescriptionDevelopment of the On-demand Extreme Digital Twin involves major scientific and technical challenges as well as opportunities. Main components in the DTE workflow include NWP system, impact models and triggering module, as well as the system infrastructure to integrate components. ACCORD model is the backbone of the configurable DTE. In order to realise the potential of the multi-nation ACCORD collaboration, interoperability is the focus. A common repository has been defined, with a shared scripting system in development. To facilitate real time production at the EuroHPC, a tightly integrated, transparent and data centric workflow is necessary. As basic elements, multiplex IO (MultIo), Fields Data Base (FDB), ecflow workflow management tool and the notification utility from ECMWF will be implemented. Output streams will be adapted to fulfill specifications about the DT portfolio. Real time acquisition of input data streams may be a major challenge in lack of infrastructure on the EuroHPC. In particular, acquisition of real time non-GTS high density observation requires extra effort. Capability with configurable DT entails establishment of triggering mechanisms , either for user-driven or event-driven situations. Out of case studies proposed for capability demonstrations, use cases may be selected to facilitate template developments for various system components.
TimeWednesday, June 2811:00 - 11:30 CEST
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Climate, Weather and Earth Sciences