The SKA Data Management Use Case: Global Data Distribution in the Regional Centre Network
DescriptionSKA will be a world-leading Radio Observatory generating up to 2 PBytes per day of scientific data products tuned to meet the needs of particular astrophysics experiments. To actually undertake scientific analysis, a global netowrk of "SKA Regional Centres" is envisaged, offering key capabilities in data discovery, archival storage, analysis compute and user support services. I will present the global data management use case for the SKA Observatory's user-facing data products and describe how we are developing a global SKA Regional Centre architecture to support this use case when SKA enters its operational phase at the end of this decade. I'll also present the current prototyping efforts taking place in our international "SRCNet" collaboration.
TimeMonday, June 2614:00 - 14:30 CEST
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Computer Science, Machine Learning, and Applied Mathematics