Improving Software Sharing and Impact through Software Registries
DescriptionResearch software plays a crucial role in academic research and has become a key output of many research projects. However, the way in which research software is shared with fellow researchers often leaves much to be desired. Documentation in source code repositories tends to focus on technical details instead of showing the role the software has played within research projects, or the relationship with other academic output and activities. This lack of context makes it difficult for other researchers to discover relevant software, often resulting in duplication of effort when the software is re-developed instead of being reused. Software that is reused is often not (properly) cited, making it hard to measure the impact and resulting in reduced recognition for the research software, RSEs and software-oriented research institutes. Software registries can improve this situation by connecting research software to other research outputs, activities, organizations, and the researchers and RSEs themselves. In this presentation, we will introduce the Research Software Directory, an example of such a registry. It is designed to show the context and impact of research software, stimulate its reuse, and encourage proper citation, to ensure researchers and RSEs get credit for their work.
TimeWednesday, June 2814:30 - 15:00 CEST
LocationSanada II
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Applied Social Sciences and Humanities