Six-Dimensional Hybrid-Vlasov Modelling of the Earth's Magnetosphere on LUMI
DescriptionWe present an overview of current developments of the hybrid-Vlasov model Vlasiator, which we use to model the Earth's magnetosphere in the full 3D+3V position and velocity spaces. The use of static adaptive mesh refinement (AMR) for the spatial discretisation of the plasma's distribution function was demonstrated recently. In the natural next step, Vlasiator now features dynamic AMR which allows to track physical features requiring finer spatial resolution while they move across the simulation domain. The physical capabilities of the model were extended to include a coupled ionospheric inner boundary instead of the previously-used perfectly conducting inner boundary. We present preliminary investigations highlighting the benefits of the more physically-accurate approach. We also present insight gained from profiling Vlasiator at scale using TAU on LUMI-C, including performance gains obtained through fine-tuning the domain decomposition algorithm provided by the Zoltan library. Finally, we give a progress report on the porting of Vlasiator to the GPU-accelerated LUMI-G partition.
TimeMonday, June 2615:00 - 15:30 CEST
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