New Challenges for ESiWACE3: The Center of Excellence in Simulations of Weather and Climate in Europe
DescriptionExtreme weather events caused over 500 thousand casualties and 2 trillion USD economic damages in the past 20 years: a failure in climate change mitigation is ranked among the leading threats to global society. For these reasons, the improvement of the Earth System Models (ESM) has become a critical goal in recent years. Since 2015 the ESiWACE Center of Excellence (CoE) has been pursuing this goal by pushing the resolution of global ESM to unprecedented levels. It involved partners with world leading scientific and technical expertise in weather and climate research, in high-performance computing and in project management and communication. During the firsts two phases of ESiWACE the ability to efficiently run ESM at ~1 Km resolution was established. The time has come to adjust the focus to support the weather and climate modeling community to reach a higher readiness regarding exascale supercomputing and foster knowledge transfer between the different centers and teams across Europe. We will present how the third phase of the ESiWACE CoE aims to generate synergies between local efforts developing connections that make it possible to provide support to groups via customized high-performance computing services, and to provide efficient training to educate next generations of researchers.
TimeWednesday, June 2815:00 - 15:30 CEST
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