Parallel Programming in Fortran 2018 and Beyond
DescriptionThrough an international standard supported by multiple compilers, Fortran 2018 offers a portable path to high-performing parallel execution at scale. This talk will present an overview of the parallel features of Fortran 2018 and a preview of the new features coming in Fortran 2023. The Fortran 2018 features include concurrent loops, coarray distributed data structures, error termination, synchronization statements, collective subroutines, hierarchical process sets (teams), process failure detection, locks, critical sections, atomics and encapsulated atomics. The new Fortran 2023 features include concurrent reductions and combined remote data transfers with atomic notification. The talk will also show examples of application and mini-application speedup relative to codes that directly use the Message Passing Interface (MPI) codes. The talk will also demonstrate the portability benefits of programming-model-agnostic, language-level parallelism. Lastly, the talk will describe the potential for automatic GPU offloading using standard language features with current compilers.
TimeMonday, June 2614:30 - 15:00 CEST
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Computer Science, Machine Learning, and Applied Mathematics