Object Storage - Targeting Fusion Plasma Simulations at the Exascale
DescriptionReducing the clock speed as well as storage at the exascale level is a huge challenge in computational science. Simulations of fusion plasma that involves various time scales is a classic example of this magnificent problem. With the flattening of clock speeds, the need for parallelization has become increasingly important on modern supercomputers over the last couple of decades. Parallelization will be of prime importance on Exascale machines. This talk focuses on a relatively novel approach to parallelization – namely, temporal parallelization. An event driven technique to significantly improve the performance of the algorithm will be discussed. A major challenge of temporal parallelization particularly using the event driven implementation is memory. Several hundreds of terabytes of data may be generated for a typical parareal run. A system such as CORTX, implementing tiered object storage – can be the exact answer to such a problem. This talk will discuss how a combination of a CORTX like system with an event driven temporal parallelization is one of the best and easiest approaches to achieve long, complex, non-linear simulations in the exascale era.
TimeMonday, June 2615:30 - 16:00 CEST
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