Implementing GPU Support for Unstructured Ocean Model FESOM2 and Coupled IFS/FESOM2 Model
DescriptionClimate configuration being used employs a sequential coupling approach where the FESOM and IFS models are run as a single executable and share the same infrastructure consisting of MPI+OpenMP+OpenACC. IFS model is already benefiting from GPU acceleration for performing the spectral transform, while the FESOM model required extension to support GPU acceleration in order to fully leverage the hardware capabilities in the climate setup. Hence, the FESOM 2.1 tracer and sea ice components were successfully ported to the DKRZ Levante machine using the OpenACC approach for offloading, in close collaboration with the DKRZ team. Analysis of the potential benefits of using GPUs revealed that optimization of the model code is necessary for effective use. The optimized code was evaluated for performance improvements on GPUs and degradation on CPUs. Results indicate a significant speedup of up to a factor of 5 on the GPU cluster, with minimal degradation on CPUs. While not all of the FESOM 2.1 code has been ported, initial findings suggest that using OpenACC to port and optimize the model for GPU is a viable approach. Our study presents the results of a comparison between CPU and GPU performance improvements.
TimeWednesday, June 2811:00 - 11:30 CEST
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Climate, Weather and Earth Sciences