Improving Inclusion and Accessibility in Research Software Engineering
DescriptionResearch software – specialist software used to support or undertake research – is of huge importance to researchers. It contributes to significant advances in the wider world and requires collaboration between people with diverse skills and backgrounds. Analysis of the International Research Software Engineer survey data provides evidence for a lack of diversity in the Research Software Engineer community, also highlighted by the Lorentz workshop "Vive la différence - research software engineers". Further research by the Software Sustainability Institute has investigated the wider landscape around research software in the UK, to try and identify interventions which could address challenges in the wider research software community and highlight areas where the community is becoming more diverse. There are also lessons that are applicable, more generally, to the field of software development around training, recruitment and retention from other disciplines and the importance of welcoming communities.
TimeMonday, June 2617:00 - 17:30 CEST
LocationSanada II
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Applied Social Sciences and Humanities