Parallel-In-Time Integration with Particle-In-Fourier Schemes
DescriptionParticle-In-Fourier (PIF) schemes are attractive for long-time integration kinetic plasma simulations as they conserve charge, momentum and energy, exhibit a variational structure, do not have aliasing and have excellent stability properties. However, they are typically more expensive than the commonly used Particle-In-Cell (PIC) schemes due to the requirement of non-uniform DFTs or FFTs. In this talk, we propose a Parareal-based parallel-in-time integration method for PIF schemes with PIF as the fine propagator and standard PIC scheme as the coarse propagator towards the goal of performing long-time integration simulations with PIF schemes. The resulting scheme is implemented on the performance portable library IPPL and we numerically investigate the convergence of it with respect to the discretization parameters of PIF and PIC. We present space-time parallel simulations with the proposed scheme for a variety of benchmarks such as the Landau damping, the two-stream instability and the Penning trap on A100 multi-GPUs on the JUWELS Booster supercomputer.
TimeMonday, June 2616:30 - 17:00 CEST
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