Impressions from the LUMI Porting Program
DescriptionThe LUMI porting program was created to help scientists and application developers port applications to LUMI and AMD GPUs. Six applications were selected in different scientific domains: two from high energy physics (tmLQCD and PLEGMA), two from quantum chemistry/materials science (GPAW and Quantum Espresso), one hydrodynamic model (SLIM), and one machine learning project using the Megatron language model. This talk highlights some outcomes, experiences and lessons learned from the first round of the program. The actual porting of e.g. CUDA code to HIP turned out not to be the major problem facing most projects, instead the difficulties were related to getting access to the target GPUs (AMD's MI250x GPUs), immaturity of compilers and development tools, and source code organization issues, i.e. how to adapt the code base to use two different GPU backends.
TimeTuesday, June 2717:30 - 18:00 CEST
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Computer Science, Machine Learning, and Applied Mathematics