Opportunities and Challenges for Digital Twins of the Earth System
DescriptionThe talk describes ongoing efforts to create digital replicas of the Earth as part of the European Commission's Destination Earth programme. Global, so-called "k-scale" simulations are the basis of building digital information systems that stream and translate complex weather & climate data for integration with impact sector and decision support tools. Technically, this provides end-to-end pathways of data and compute from distributed HPC production sites to end-users consuming dedicated cloud-native resources to digest and tailor these novel streams of information. Digital twins based on physical modelling, combined with novel data-driven deep learning advances offer a window into the future, with a promise to significantly increase the timeliness of delivery and realism of Earth system information. Despite the significant compute and data challenges, there is a real prospect to better support global to local climate change mitigation and adaptation efforts, and complement the existing information derived from today's Earth system simulations. The initiative encapsulates both the latest science as well as technology advances to provide near-real time information on Extremes and climate change in a wider digital environment. This is facilitated through complex workflows and immersive data access akin to a game engine environment provided by ECMWF's digital twin engine.
TimeTuesday, June 2716:00 - 16:30 CEST
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Climate, Weather and Earth Sciences