Whole-Device Simulations of Fusion Plasmas with GENE
DescriptionIn order to achieve a burning (i.e., self-heating) plasma which is suitable for electricity production in a fusion power plant, the so-called energy confinement time needs to exceed a threshold given by the Lawson criterion. The physical process which sets this key figure of merit is turbulent transport, and the gold standard for interpretive and predictive simulations of plasma turbulence is a reduced kinetic theory, named gyrokinetics. In this context, the GENE family of gyrokinetic codes is widely considered to be world-leading. In this presentation, the numerical techniques, code management principles, and HPC aspects will be discussed, with an emphasis on general lessons learned - which are also applicable to other research areas. Particular emphasis will be placed on ongoing efforts to prepare GENE for emerging exascale platforms.
TimeMonday, June 2618:00 - 18:30 CEST
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